Workforce Management

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Onboarding (lite)

  • Before embarking on your work journey, acquaint yourself with our streamlined platform, thoughtfully designed to share essential company policies and documents with ease.
  • Embrace a tech-driven onboarding process that not only saves time but also enhances the overall experience for both HR teams and new hires.
  • Elevate your onboarding practices with our innovative HR modules and set the stage for a positive and efficient start to every employee's journey with your organization.
  • Navigate through the entire onboarding checklist effortlessly – from legal paperwork and compliance essentials to team introductions and company culture insights.
  • Our modules offer a user-friendly interface, making it easy for HR professionals to manage tasks and for new employees to complete necessary steps at their own pace.
  • Digitalize hiring process
  • Send candidates welcome message
  • Allow candidate to pre-fill their digital profile
  • Medium to share company policy/document prior to commencing work
  • Export all the filled information to employee profile
  • Assigning a buddy to candidate as mentor through the new join period
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e-HR letters

  • User-friendly platform that streamlines the entire letter creation process, allowing you to focus on what matters most—your people and strategic HR initiatives.
  • Elevate your HR experience with a solution that prioritizes simplicity without compromising on precision. One click is all it takes to transform your HR letter generation.
  • Standardization and automation of HR letter
  • Content customization
  • Variable data source
  • Customizable approval route
  • Batch letter creation
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Centralize and streamline your professional presence with our cloud-based eProfile module—an all-encompassing solution that organizes your information in one secure location for effortless management.

  • Automated Date Reminders
    Receive timely notifications for critical milestones such as probation end dates, passport and visa expirations, and work permit renewals.
  • Employee Self-Service Portal
    Empower employees to update and manage their contact information, emergency contacts, and dependent details through a secure self-service portal, subject to HR/Administrator confirmation.
  • Qualification and Training Management
    Maintain comprehensive records of employee qualifications and training, along with the diligent tracking of company assets and properties.
  • Cost Allocation and Centre Linking
    Seamlessly link cost centers with overhead costs, ensuring accurate and transparent cost allocation within the organization.
  • Automated Tax Category Indication
    Automatically determine the tax category approved by LHDN (Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia) based on accurate and up-to-date dependent information.
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Say goodbye to traditional timecards and hello to precision. Clock in effortlessly, track your hours accurately- efficiency meets simplicity in every click!

  • Integration Capability
    Seamlessly link with various time reader software, including biometric and access card readers.
  • Comprehensive Attendance Overview
    Gain a holistic view of attendance, leave, and overtime information at a glance for efficient workforce management.
  • Automated Discrepancy Identification
    Automatically identify differences between scheduled and actual attendance, including lateness, absence, unpaired clocking, and incorrect shift patterns.
  • Configurable Work Parameters
    Customize unlimited shift types, working calendars, duty rosters, and view concise working hour summaries to adapt to your organizational needs.
  • Dynamic Reporting
    Access dynamic attendance reports with numerous filterable fields for a detailed and customizable analysis.
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e-Overtime (OT)

In the world of HR, overtime should be a breeze, not a battle. Seamlessly track, manage, and conquer overtime hours without breaking a sweat. Clock in, conquer, and let the system do the rest!

  • Approval-Friendly Display
    Actual attendance is conveniently presented alongside the work calendar for seamless approval.
  • Flexible Compensation Options
    Convert overtime into replacement leave rather than opting for cash payment, offering increased flexibility
  • Overtime Planning Precision
    Strategically pre-plan overtime within budget constraints and allowable limits for precise workforce management.
  • Automated Overtime Proposals
    The system auto-proposes overtime based on pre-defined criteria, optimizing efficiency in planning and execution.
  • Detailed Overtime Reporting
    Access dynamic overtime reports featuring numerous filterable fields for a detailed and customizable analysis.
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GPS Attendance

Welcome to our cutting-edge GPS Attendance system! Whether in the concrete jungle or off the grid, our app lets you check in/out with or without internet – records auto-sync when connected. Manual location input? Absolutely. Customize your check-in radius, snap a selfie for added security, and redefine efficiency effortlessly!

  • Integration with EMPLX Time/Attendance
    Achieve real-time synchronization with EMPLX Time/Attendance for seamless data flow.
  • Manual Location Input
    Facilitate manual input of locations not found in Google Maps, ensuring flexibility in recording accurate data.
  • Offline Check-In/Check-Out
    Enable check-in/check-out functionality without internet connectivity, with records automatically syncing to the server when an internet connection is restored.
  • Configurable Radius Settings
    Adapt to company needs by configuring check-in/check-out radius settings based on specific requirements.
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Experience leave management redefined with our e-Leave module! Unlimited leave types, hourly or unpaid, with seamless conversion of overtime to replacement leave. Multi-level approvals with dynamic notifications to keep everyone in the loop, and configurable calendars for companywide visibility. Auto-compute entitlements, balances, and even carry forward! It's not just a leave system; it's a leave revolution!

  • Comprehensive Leave Planning
    Leave Management intuitively handles all leave planning and administration needs with precision.
  • Highly Configurable System
    Enjoy a highly configurable system with multi-level leave approval and escalation features to align with organizational processes.
  • Automated Leave Computations
    The system enables auto-computation of leave entitlement, leave encashment, leave carry-forwards, cross-year leave handling, and accurate leave balances.
  • Employee Self-Service
    Empower employees with self-service capabilities, allowing them to submit leave applications and inquire about leave approval statuses and balances effortlessly.
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Personalized details, smooth multi-level approvals, and auto-balance computations – welcome to the future of claims with our e-Claim module! Navigate currencies effortlessly with real-time rates and perform dynamic reporting with filterable fields for crystal-clear insights.

  • Intelligent Validation Checks
    Claim Management incorporates built-in intelligence for intricate validation checks, including claim eligibility, limits, validity dates, and payment rules.
  • Flexible Approval System
    The system facilitates multi-level claim approval, supports multiple currencies, and allows for multiple claim submissions.
  • Employee Self-Service
    Empower employees with self-service capabilities for seamless claim submission and easy access to claim limit information and approval status.
  • Comprehensive Claim Handling
    Manage claims efficiently with features such as multi-currency support, multi-level approvals, and employee self-service for streamlined processes.
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Seamlessly process payments, automate deductions, and handle taxes with a click. Cloud-powered means instant access from anywhere, anytime. It's not just payroll; its payday made delightful!

  • Integrated Modules for Seamless Processing
    Linkable with leave, claim, overtime, and attendance modules for streamlined payment or deduction processes.
  • Advanced Computation Capabilities
    Conduct various computations using formulae based on pre-defined criteria linked to attendance, such as meal allowance for working days and attendance allowance for exemplary attendance without lateness exceeding 15 minutes.
  • Flexible Payroll Cycles
    Support multiple payroll cycles within a month, with varying levels of access for authorized personnel to ensure efficient management.
  • Dynamic Payroll Reporting
    Access dynamic payroll reports with numerous filterable fields, providing comprehensive insights and analysis for informed decision-making.

Human Capital Management

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e-Training/ LMS

Imagine unlimited courses and interactive modules with just a few clicks. Whether you're a HR administrator, a supervisor, or an employee, our system is your passport to a realm where learning knows no boundaries.

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e-Performance Evaluation

Picture a world where HR/Administrators, Supervisors, and Employees collaboratively create unlimited forms and performance objectives, each with its unique weightage. But that's not all – elevate your learning journey with selfassessment, peer assessment, and even third-party or 360-degree assessments.

  • Versatile Form Creation
    Empower HR/Administrator, Supervisors, and Employees to create an unlimited number of forms and performance objectives with customizable weightages.
  • Configurable Ranking and Rating
    Define rankings for forms and utilize various rating options including radio buttons, a range of values, and textboxes for precise evaluations.
  • Comprehensive Assessment Options
    Enable a spectrum of assessments including self-assessment, peer assessment, and third-party assessment/360-degree assessment for a holistic performance evaluation approach.
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Gain a clear understanding of your workforce dynamics through customizable analytics. From employee performance trends to strategic workforce planning, EMPLX delivers practical information, making your HR management not just efficient but insightful.