GPS Attendance

Welcome to our cutting-edge GPS Attendance system!

Whether in the concrete jungle or off the grid, our app lets you check in/out with or without internet – records auto-sync when connected

Manual location input? Absolutely. Customize your check-in radius, snap a selfie for added security, and redefine efficiency effortlessly!

Integration with EMPLX Time/Attendance

Achieve real-time synchronization with EMPLX Time/Attendance for seamless data flow.

Manual Location Input

Facilitate manual input of locations not found in Google Maps, ensuring flexibility in recording accurate data.

Offline Check-In/Check-Out

Enable check-in/check-out functionality without internet connectivity, with records automatically syncing to the server when an internet connection is restored.

Configurable Radius Settings

Adapt to company needs by configuring check-in/check-out radius settings based on specific requirements.