Centralize and streamline your professional presence with our cloud-based eProfile module. An all-encompassing solution that organizes your information in one secure location for effortless management.

Automated Date Reminders

Receive timely notifications for critical milestones such as probation end dates, passport and visa expirations, and work permit renewals.

Employee Self-Service Portal

Empower employees to update and manage their contact information, emergency contacts, and dependent details through a secure self-service portal, subject to HR/Administrator confirmation.

Qualification and Training Management

Maintain comprehensive records of employee qualifications and training, along with the diligent tracking of company assets and properties.

Cost Allocation and Centre Linking

Seamlessly link cost centers with overhead costs, ensuring accurate and transparent cost allocation within the organization.

Automated Tax Category Indication

Automatically determine the tax category approved by LHDN (Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia) based on accurate and up-to-date dependent information.