Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is EmplX?

EmplX is a real-time integrated Human Resource Management System.

With EmplX, you are able to manage your most important asset – People, by minimizing the manual paperwork and enhance the effectiveness of HR related processes at your finger-tips anytime, anywhere.


2. How can EmplX help our company?

EmplX is cost effective, as it is on pay-per-use basis. It is highly fluctuates according to your company’s business. No fixed operating cost and no hardware investment required.

3. How secured is EmplX?

EmplX is awarded ISO15408 certification, which is equivalent to the bank security level, after a series of formal and extremely stringent audits and testing by an international auditor.

Data is accessible by individuals through their own log-in ID and password. Employees need to manage own ID and password, and are expected to log-out after usage.

4. What are the modules available in EmplX?

EmplX has 8 modules which are offered in 3 packages:

Standard Package consists of the following modules:

a.  Basic Personal Profile

b.  Leave Management

c.  Claim Management

d.  Time Management

e.  Overtime Management

Advanced Package offers additional two modules:

f.  Travel Management

g.  Performance Evaluation

Premium Package offers all the above and payroll module.

5. Is EmplX user friendly?

EmplX is the result of our mission to have a simple to use system. EmplX work flow is very straight forward.

6. How can we proceed if we want to switch from manual / existing system to EmplX?

EmplX Implementation Team will assist you to smoothly migrate from manual or existing system to EmplX.

7. We have a punch card system, how can EmplX help us in attendance tracking?

We promote automation and therefore we encourage you to invest in time attendance system. However, if investment is not feasible, then you can still manage by using punch card system but some manual tracking is needed.

8. Is there any support provided while we use EmplX?

EmplX support can be obtained through phone calls and e-mails during working hours.

EmplX Support Team will respond to your request immediately with reasonable time frame.

Please contact EmplX Support Team at +604 640 9917 or email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

9. What if we subscribe to EmplX but later found that it is not suitable?

The minimum contract for EmplX is 12 months. However, should you decide to terminate the subscription earlier, you can serve the required termination notice which is stipulated in the Service Level Agreement.

10. Will we get back our data after termination of subscription?

Yes, upon termination of subscription, we will copy all your data and pass it back to you in a CD. We will have a proper handover to your staff.

11. What is the subscription rate and how do we proceed from here if we are interested?

By a simple call to +604 611 0771 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., we will contact you to arrange a demonstration and propose the best solution.

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