Integrating Human Capital Management Strategies for an Effective Workforce

EmplX is a real-time internet-based human resource (HR) management system that focuses on cost-effective workforce management work flows. It aims to empower your HR department to actively support your organisation's objectives by automating and improving HR efficiency. With EmplX handling the technical complexities and operational hassles, it frees up your HR professionals to focus on strategic decisions, productivity, and delivering value to your core business.

Total Solutions for Efficient Workforce Management


Critical real-time information easily accessible anywhere, anytime with secured access level that encourages employee self-service.


A cost-effective solution …pay only for what you use!


Seamlessly integrates with existing infrastructure and enables strategic implementation through its flexible and modular structure.

Why EmplX?

What really sets EmplX apart is how we create a dynamic solutions for your organisation to succeed. We do this by designing our solutions on a subscription basis that can be easily tailored to different organisation needs.

Are you ready for EmplX?